Wednesday, May 14

peacing out

Well. It HAS been awhile! Basically because things have been slightly crazy. I've been working, schooling, and bridesmaiding, and finding it a little difficult to do all those things and have a clean house and clean clothes. sigh.
So. Working. I'm working at a greenhouse, and it's absolutely delightful. I spend my day playing with flowers. They're pretty. It's stress-free, there's no responsibility, and it's colourful and smells good. Kind of makes me sad that the whole Eden thing didn't work out, 'cause I think I'd be ok with my main task being to keep a snazzy garden. It's nice to be there at the beginning of our first summer with a yard and garden, a good place to learn and get ideas. Crappy pay, not that close to home, and taking up a LOT of my time (and, seemingly, every Sunday and Wednesday, which are my church/Bible study days) are the downsides.
Schooling. I'm taking an English course, 19th century British novels. Fast and furious, it's 6 weeks long, 6 hours of class a week, plus 1-2 novels. The first novel was Mansfield Park by Jane Austen, which I have had a ridiculously difficult time getting through despite setting aside a whole day to read it, and getting only 100 pages done. It's kind of slow. I'm hoping to finish it today, and then read almost all of Oliver Twist tomorrow. Yiba.
Bridesmaiding (and other family obligations). Yeppers, Hil's wedding is in...3ish weeks?! Something like that . There have been lots of showers to go to, which have been fun, but taken up a lot of the days that I'm not working. Add to that mother's day, and a 50th anniversary celebration for my grandparents, and a lot of my "spare" time is taken up...
Which makes it difficult to get my reading done, and keep our house in some semblance of order, which is kind of stressing me out. Thus I called in "unwell" work today...I just couldn't do it. I came home last night after 8 hours of working, three hours of class, and 2 hours of driving to and from class, and walked in the door to a crazy mess, and almost started to cry.
So. I have spent a couple hours tidying up the yard and cutting the grass. And now I am going to clean the house top to bottom, and then I will readreadread. And hopefully, by the end of tomorrow, all that needs to be done will be done, and I will be ok.

I will be.
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