Tuesday, March 31

happy sigh

Well. It is the last week of class. And that does not really mean anything, except that I won't have to go to class tomorrow. I still have 3 papers, a debate, and 2 exams between now and finished, and I'm a little swamped and overwhelmed by it all, trying to figure how to fit writing around working, and the fact that exam time always seems to correspond with major religious holiday time, and next week I have to add my nephew's baptism, Passover seder, Good Friday and Easter Sunday in the midst of exams and a 15 page paper.
So, needless to say I am busy, and have used the phrase "I'm sorry, but I just don't have time..." a lot in the last week or so. And I don't. But, sometimes you need to make time.
As I was driving to school this morning after dropping James off at work, the CBC kindly told me that my friend Jian Ghomeshi (ok, so, we're not friends, but...who else talks to me nearly that often?) was going to be interviewing Yoko Ono and Bruce Cockburn. YOKO ONO AND BRUCE COCKBURN. A big deal. Yoko Ono fit into my travel time (and, as much as I was super pumped, the interview wasn't that great). Bruce Cockburn, on the other hand, was beginning just as I was arriving at school to segregate myself from the world in a tiny little cubicle in the library to get some writing done. Minor dilemma.
I made a choice. I found a sunny parking lot next to a nice park. I cracked the windows a tad, set the volume just right, laid my seat back.
And I gave myself an hour.
And I listened.
And I watched seagulls soar and dive against a bright blue sky with the tree tops just in view.
And I may have dosed off a tiny bit near the end.
And I was woken up by a group of geese walking past my car honking their brains out.
And it was good.

After my hour, the refreshed me sat up, parked my car and walked to the library. As if this day was just designed to be an oasis in the midst of school chaos, my favourite study carol in the whole entire library was open. AND there has been reliable internet in this corner of the library (so far). This could just be good.

The only down side being that I re-read a whole 300+ page novel yesterday taking very careful notes for my essay that I am planning on writing today. I left the notebook at home.

PS - Bruce Cockburn's new solo acoustic live album "Slice of Life" is being released today. I think that will be my finishing school gift to myself. Check it out.

Tuesday, March 24


My husband says I mumble; I say he isn't listening carefully. While I will not admit to mumbling, I will admit to rambling. And will now proceed to do so.
I am SUPPOSED to be using my time wisely and getting some work done in the 3 hours I have between classes. In an effort to do so, I parked myself in the lovely solarium at our school. Solarium meaning, of course, intense sunlight, producing somewhat of a greenhouse effect, plus heaters turned on because it is technically still heat-requiring weather. Just not in a greenhouse at high noon. So, I am squinting at my screen while struggling to stay awake and not actually doing any of my work yet, because frankly, Scarlet, I don't...you get the picture. Also because I forgot to grab the revised syllabus for the class I have this afternoon, and webct is down, so I'm not sure what I'm supposed to read. I do of course, have other things I could do, but...refer back to Scarlet. I'm tired of reading and writing.
And just tired, really. Getting out of bed this morning took about an hour of snooze button. And then for some reason, despite the fact that I didn't really have time, I asked James to make bacon and egs while I made muffins and we had a lovely breakfast together...and then I scrambled like mad to get myself out the door, leaving him with all the mess and begging him to put together a lunch for me. Which he did, because he's awesome (awesome here translating to gracious and patient with the fact that this happens a leeettle tooo often). I promised him that his life will undergo a miraculous transformation once I am done school. I may even make the breakfast and the lunch. Maybe.
So, that's it really. I am sitting squinting at a screen in a sauna. I have nothing intelligent to say right now, and I think that is due to my sun-induced stupor. So I am now going to say goodbye, pack up my stuff, and move to the less atmospheric, but also less sweltering library, and hope to have a productive 2 hours before my class.
Ciao, bellas.

Monday, March 23

26 more days...

I would LOVE to write a nice, long, thoughtful blogpost. In fact, I have a few percolating. Unfortunately, it just won't likely happen for awhile.
I am rounding the last corner in this stinkin' race to the end of school. I am also now working 24-32 hours a week now. And the bulk of my assignments are still yet to be done. Bad combo! 3 papers, 1 debate, 2 exams 'till the end.
And THEN I will be able to sit and ruminate on all kinds of things and share them with you...can't wait.

Tuesday, March 17

Some Spring Things

It's coming! I promise! Here's how I know...

James and I had a lovely weekend. On Saturday, we went for a very fun hike, which resulted in a very muddy dog. Mud, of course, a result of melted snow. Melted snow, of course, a result of warmer temperatures, warmer temperatures, of course, a result of...spring coming! (I know, my deductive reasoning is incredible).

Speaking of warmer temperatures, we had a BBQ on Sunday after church! (BBQ - sign of spring). Pulled out the old lawn furniture, wiped it off, ate burgers and hotdogs outside. It was lovely. Well, it was lovely in the sun. Unfortunately, the table had to sit on the patio stones because the ground was too soft, and the patio stones, being next to the house, were in the shade. It was still cold in the shade. But it was still great to be outside. I would sit for a short period of time, then go stand with my food in the sun. Food, sun, friends - good time.

Also on Saturday, James and I went to Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC). A first time for me. Very fun. We got a bike rack and a few other things to make it easier for me to use my bike instead of the car for errands. So, today, I rode my bike to buy a school book. Riding my bike - sign of spring.

Yesterday, did laundry, hung it outside to dry. Laundry on the clothesline - sign of spring.

You see folks? Just based on a brief analysis of my life over the past few days, I can assure you, spring is coming! I can't assure you it won't snow again, but, there is certainly light at the end of the tunnel. Yippeeeeeee!

Sunday, March 8

Things I Like...

I haven't much to blog about right now, but I thought I'd make a few recommendations of things that promote to the wellbeing of my mind, body, and spirit.

- Spirit/Mind - Rob Bell's preaching (and that of the other teachers at Mars Hill Bible church). You can check out their website to access some of their teachings, or get their podcast from iTunes. They did an epiphany series on light in John's gospel - amazing.

- Body/Spirit - www.yogajournal.com Under their "multimedia" section there is a link for podcasts, and there are a number of videos of different yoga practices. They are about 20 minutes each, give great instruction and videos, and it's waaaay easier than me sitting down and trying to put together my own series of poses. Try it!

- Mind/Spirit - Chapters/Indigo right now has a list of 20 books you should read before you're 20. I've read 5 - and a few of them after I was 20. I was looking at the table in Indigo last night, and would totally recommend "The Giver" by Lois Lowry. A great little thought provoking book (that caused me to stand on my desk to be able to forcefully get a point across during a discussion in grade 8). For a longer, heftier read, "The Book of Negroes" by Lawrence Hill just won CBC's Canada Reads . I've read it, it's pretty good. You can listen to the Canada Reads discussions and hear what other people have to say about it here

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