Monday, December 14

No, I have NOT had a baby yet

Sorry to disappoint.

You've gotta love that change in people's voices when I call, then proceed to discuss mundane business.

"Hey, it's Rae. How's it going?"
"Good! How was your weekend?"
"...Oh. I thought you were calling to say you were in labour."

Pretty sure that conversation would've gone more like:

"Hi! Labour's started! Can you call _____ and let them know? We'll call to give you an update as things progress!"

Even better than the disappointed voices on the other end of the line are the in-person meetings. "I thought I wouldn't see you this week!" (as if I had changed my plans and re-scheduled my due date).

"'re still here?"

The best is:

"No baby yet?"
Um, actually, we had the baby, left it at home with the dog, and then I shoved a beach ball under my shirt for this outing.

Honestly people! Do you really think you want this baby to come out more than I do? And do you really think we'll let it happen without informing you? Trust me, when we have the baby (and it better be sooner rather than later), we'll let you know.

Until then, I will continue to disappoint you with mundane phone calls.

Thursday, December 10

That Darned Cat

We used to have a cat. He was nice (kind of, to some people, on some days). He disappeared when we moved (he was an indoor/outdoor cat - we figured he'd come back to the new house like he had last time we moved. He didn't).

My mother is relieved (she was also afraid of him). She thinks it's providential that he disappeared not long before our baby comes. She thinks he would've jumped in the crib and smothered the baby. He was a big cat.

Twice today I have looked out the window and noticed two different cats chase the same large tabby across the street. It looks like Monty.

I miss Monty.

Tuesday, December 8

Things I Could Do to Alleviate Boredom

I'm bored.

It's cold and dark, and I'm home today without a car, and am left to my own devices to keep myself entertained within these four walls. Which, shouldn't really be THAT difficult, considering James was home all morning and I didn't start being home and alone until, 1ish. I should be able to keep myself occupied. I put on a movie and knit for awhile, then took all the knitting out (for a second time) because I screwed it up AGAIN (at some point I should learn to fix the mistakes, 'cause when I'm 3/4 done a project it's going to be a lot more upsetting to take it all out than when I'm still in the first 10ish rows). Then I watched another TV show...then I decided I was bored.

Now, I know I don't have to be bored. I have lots of things I could do, and I know this. In fact, some of them not only I could do, but really should do, but am seemingly lacking the motivation. What could I do? I could...

- clean up the memory card for the camera so that it's full of room for baby pictures (and so that when I want to print those babies, I don't have to wade through a year's worth of random photos).
- write and address Christmas cards, getting them ready to just pop in a baby announcement and then send
- fold the basket of laundry that's sitting beside me
-clean the bathroom in the basement that hasn't been cleaned since we moved into our house because I am laaaaazy (I did, however, take down a cloth, cleaner, and rubber gloves 2 weeks ago. I'm well on my way to having it cleaned, really).
-cook up some food to put in the freezer for when the baby comes
-plan our worship service for this coming week
-brush up on Christmas carols on the piano
-brush the dog
-organize the back bedroom - specifically my crafty stuff
-try knitting (again)

...or just sit here being bored and making lists of things I could be doing, but not do any of them and instead just contemplate how bored I am. Hmm.

Where would you start? Any suggestions?

(finally - shameless plug for my blog. I know many of you read this on facebook, which is fine and all, since I publish it there as well. But, really, you should check out my blog. I think in the next couple of weeks I may stop doing the facebook publishing part, so, if you wanna know, you'll have to check out the real thing.) It's

Monday, December 7

These Are a Few of My Favourite Things...

Life is good, and I am thankful. Thought I'd take a quick minute and tell all about my lovely weekend. Blogging is wierd, and I am aware that this is grandstanding to a degree, but, hello internet culture, apparently this is what we do.

Friday night I cooked a nice supper for St. James, who finally got his weekend off - no working, no emptying sheds out at our old house (which is officially no longer ours as of Friday - hooray for only owning 1 home!), no extra church responsibilities, no projects on the books at new house. Downside of cooking nice dinner in current home is that the only working oven in our house is in the basement. The kitchen is on the main floor. The woman we bought the house from had a summer kitchen of sorts in her basement (for canning etc, I'm assuming), so there was a second stove down there. Both that stove, and the stove in the kitchen, are probably around 50 years old. Stove in the kitchen died the second time we tried to use it. Not completely true - the oven died. The stove top still works. So, when cooking a meal that requires both, rather than just standing and stirring something at the stove top and then bending over when it's time to put something in the oven, or check on something in the oven, cooking in our house currently requires running up and down a flight of stairs to put things in the oven while hoping that the things on the stove upstairs are ok and that there's nothing on the counter that the dog is eating, and trusting that things in the stove downstairs are ok, 'cause if you expect I'm hauling my pregnant butt down there AGAIN just to check on the stinkin' whatever it is, you're wrong.
Where was I...Friday. Dinner with James (including pumpkin pie, because, I can be a good wife SOMETIMES), and chillin' in front of the TV - we got caught up on Glee and Ugly Betty. Good times.

Saturday. Baked for church fundraiser, then Maker's Market with Tracy and Sanda. Pretty things, good company, nice morning. Home to lunch with James, then had a nice visit with his parents, did some Locke St to look for Christmas presents (no luck), then to Ottawa St. to buy diapers, then home to read a magazine/nap before heading out to go bowling with some peeps from church. We had a 6 yr. old with us, so we got bumpers in our gutters. The 6 yr. old beat me 2 out of 3 games. I blame the belly.

Sunday. Church - was good. I kind of sketched out the themes and sermon topics for our advent season this year, and it's a little wierd and nerve-wracking to anticipate a sermon preached by someone else based on your idease. You hope that they caught the gist of what you were trying to communicate in the short little write up you gave them. Matt did an awesome job of summing up my ideas and communicating them super well. Interested? You can listen here. Afterwards, people came back to our place for lunch, and then we all just kind of lounged together for the afternoon, reading, knitting, playing video games, etc, until we received a dinner invite from James' brother, and we kicked our friends out of our house to go eat ribs. Mmmm. Then we hightailed it from there to Kitchener to hear a concert of Steve Bell and the K-W Symphony Orchestra with my fam, which was fantastic. Steve Bell is probably my favourite singer/songwriter.

And now it is Monday morning. I am sitting in my jammers still (desparately in need of a shower), my kitchen still has dishes to be done from yesterday, and I have 2-3 loads of laundry that need to be folded and put away, so I should really get moving. So thankful to have had such a great weekend though. I feel rested and refreshed and ready for a Complete with a baby. You hear that kid? Time to come out...
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