Monday, December 14

No, I have NOT had a baby yet

Sorry to disappoint.

You've gotta love that change in people's voices when I call, then proceed to discuss mundane business.

"Hey, it's Rae. How's it going?"
"Good! How was your weekend?"
"...Oh. I thought you were calling to say you were in labour."

Pretty sure that conversation would've gone more like:

"Hi! Labour's started! Can you call _____ and let them know? We'll call to give you an update as things progress!"

Even better than the disappointed voices on the other end of the line are the in-person meetings. "I thought I wouldn't see you this week!" (as if I had changed my plans and re-scheduled my due date).

"'re still here?"

The best is:

"No baby yet?"
Um, actually, we had the baby, left it at home with the dog, and then I shoved a beach ball under my shirt for this outing.

Honestly people! Do you really think you want this baby to come out more than I do? And do you really think we'll let it happen without informing you? Trust me, when we have the baby (and it better be sooner rather than later), we'll let you know.

Until then, I will continue to disappoint you with mundane phone calls.


  1. i know how you feel if that's any consolation.....

  2. hehehehe i loves it. personally, can I just spend time with you? baby included in or out of utero is fine either way :). see you tomorrow (maybe)!

    go angry blog rants!!


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