Monday, January 5

All Things New

Apparently I have typed that phrase into some text box somewhere before, because it popped up automatically as I started. I guess not all things are new. At least I'm dependable.
I am sitting in the sunny solarium at school, with a fresh pile of book beside me. It's easy to be positive about academia after a long break, and before a pile of deadlines. These books look inviting even. We'll see how long that lasts...
I am looking forward to this semester, though. I am taking three (I hope) courses. Maybe four. Because of some of my changes due to the lack of trip to Prague, I may be short a course toward my Global Studies degree. I'm hoping that I can beg for the mercy of the Global Studies department to count one of my other courses toward the GS degree. It would save me a day of driving to school, and the time, obviously. The courses I am taking are "The Individualized World", "Islam Culture and Society" and "Indigenous Writers in English." Hopefully the content is as good as the titles...
Beyond this semester, I am looking forward to this year in general. This is my last semester, and I am excited to see what happens after graduation. I have my eyes on what looks to be a fantastic job, that I'm in no way qualified for but will apply for anyway. We're hoping to finish updating our little house, one room at a time. James will hopefully be done school by the end of the year as well, so it's definitely a time of transition for us.
We'll see what happens!
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