Tuesday, March 24


My husband says I mumble; I say he isn't listening carefully. While I will not admit to mumbling, I will admit to rambling. And will now proceed to do so.
I am SUPPOSED to be using my time wisely and getting some work done in the 3 hours I have between classes. In an effort to do so, I parked myself in the lovely solarium at our school. Solarium meaning, of course, intense sunlight, producing somewhat of a greenhouse effect, plus heaters turned on because it is technically still heat-requiring weather. Just not in a greenhouse at high noon. So, I am squinting at my screen while struggling to stay awake and not actually doing any of my work yet, because frankly, Scarlet, I don't...you get the picture. Also because I forgot to grab the revised syllabus for the class I have this afternoon, and webct is down, so I'm not sure what I'm supposed to read. I do of course, have other things I could do, but...refer back to Scarlet. I'm tired of reading and writing.
And just tired, really. Getting out of bed this morning took about an hour of snooze button. And then for some reason, despite the fact that I didn't really have time, I asked James to make bacon and egs while I made muffins and we had a lovely breakfast together...and then I scrambled like mad to get myself out the door, leaving him with all the mess and begging him to put together a lunch for me. Which he did, because he's awesome (awesome here translating to gracious and patient with the fact that this happens a leeettle tooo often). I promised him that his life will undergo a miraculous transformation once I am done school. I may even make the breakfast and the lunch. Maybe.
So, that's it really. I am sitting squinting at a screen in a sauna. I have nothing intelligent to say right now, and I think that is due to my sun-induced stupor. So I am now going to say goodbye, pack up my stuff, and move to the less atmospheric, but also less sweltering library, and hope to have a productive 2 hours before my class.
Ciao, bellas.

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  1. that was very enjoyable :D man, i need to get matt to make me breakfast in the mornings... although, i can't say i want to eat at 4:30am!


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