Tuesday, March 17

Some Spring Things

It's coming! I promise! Here's how I know...

James and I had a lovely weekend. On Saturday, we went for a very fun hike, which resulted in a very muddy dog. Mud, of course, a result of melted snow. Melted snow, of course, a result of warmer temperatures, warmer temperatures, of course, a result of...spring coming! (I know, my deductive reasoning is incredible).

Speaking of warmer temperatures, we had a BBQ on Sunday after church! (BBQ - sign of spring). Pulled out the old lawn furniture, wiped it off, ate burgers and hotdogs outside. It was lovely. Well, it was lovely in the sun. Unfortunately, the table had to sit on the patio stones because the ground was too soft, and the patio stones, being next to the house, were in the shade. It was still cold in the shade. But it was still great to be outside. I would sit for a short period of time, then go stand with my food in the sun. Food, sun, friends - good time.

Also on Saturday, James and I went to Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC). A first time for me. Very fun. We got a bike rack and a few other things to make it easier for me to use my bike instead of the car for errands. So, today, I rode my bike to buy a school book. Riding my bike - sign of spring.

Yesterday, did laundry, hung it outside to dry. Laundry on the clothesline - sign of spring.

You see folks? Just based on a brief analysis of my life over the past few days, I can assure you, spring is coming! I can't assure you it won't snow again, but, there is certainly light at the end of the tunnel. Yippeeeeeee!

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