Saturday, October 4

Where is simplicity?

I continually struggle with trying to fit all of the things into my day (and life) that are important. There are days I wonder if it's even possible. I'm not so sure it is - not without significantly reducing what qualifies as important. The problem is, I'm not sure what can be cut from the list. Today is a perfect example. I worked until 11 last night, so, by the time I got home and in to bed, it was pretty late, and I don' t function well without sleep. Add to that that it's Saturday, the day James and I are both home in the morning and able to relax together, I didn't get up until about 9, which I think is good. So, sleep, and time to relax with husband, both on the important list. Ate breakfast with James, tidied up from breakfast, that brings me to ten. Eating and clean house, both on the important list. So, now I have approx 4.5 hours before I go to work at 3:00 (work, or income, is on the important list). I also have a small paper (5ish pages) to write, that I won't have time to do on Sunday, and could easily take up all of that time before work. So I sit down to get some writing done, and then, by noon, I am hungry. As previously established, food, important. Also, good food isimportant, I think. So, by the time I cook myself a healthy meal, eat it unrushed, and clean up (which I haven't done yet), I have not a ton of time left before going to work, not a ton of work done on my paper, and have totally left out of this day exercise (important), time in prayer and reading my bible (important), reading the paper (important, maybe less so, but important still).
So, based on that, the important list includes (in the order listed, not necessarily in order of importance):
rest - 8 hrs
time with husband - 2 hrs
healthy food - 2 hrs
clean living space - 1 hr
work/income - 8 hrs
schoolwork - 4 hrs
exercise - 1 hr (plus hygiene, 1 hr)
devotion - 1 hr
global/local awareness - 1 hr

So, that is more than 24 hrs. I think that the lesson is to not try to do schoolwork on income work days. That makes the equation work. This was a useful exercise. So the question now is, do I relegate the schoolwork to tomorrow (when I'm participating in corporate worship - important, babysitting my niece and nephew - important, spending time with friends enjoying art - important, and trying to include the daily importants like healthy food and exercise)? I think yes.
I'm learning more and more as I get closer and closer to the end of school, that the important part of school is learning, not receiving marks. So, I'm learning a lot as I prepare this paper. And I know I will finish it, and that I will do a decent job. But it might not be as great as it could be. And the fact of the matter is, I don't care anymore.
I'm going for a walk while I have the chance before work....actually, maybe I'll read my Bible, I don't have to shower after that :P
Oh, and here's a pic for today. I didn't actually take this today, as James has the camera, but, here it is anyway.

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