Tuesday, August 18

August Anticipation

Haven't blogged in awhile, and while I don't have anything particularly thought provoking or meaningful, I figured it was good time for an update.

So, we bought a bigger house. Woohoo! The deal was all finalized today, and we get the house in less than a month - September 16. I am SO looking forward to more space. 3 bed, 2 bath, finished basement - bring it! Of course, it comes with the need to sell our house (I know, we do things a little backward), and move, which I'm not loving, but, the result will be worth it. This week is devoted to all the little touch-ups our place needs to be market-ready. The only frustrating thing is that being pregnant and all, I'm not much help with heavy lifting, or painting, or seemingly any of the things that need to get done, or will need to be done in the new place before we move in (it needs some serious updating, unless you love pink EVERYWHERE, which I don't. Upside - NO wallpaper ANYWHERE!)

Pregnancy is going great - I feel awesome, and am finally looking pregnant, and not like I just ate too much Christmas dinner as one friend said. I'm 24 weeks along - only 16ish to go, which is kind of soon, believe it or not. Christmas SOUNDS far away, but...when you say that between now and then you're going to pack up house, move, update new house, prepare to welcome a new life, and give birth before then, trust me, it seems like it's just around the corner. I'm getting pretty excited though. Wee Wallace is starting to move a lot, although, husband Wallace can't seem to feel it much yet.

Tonight I enjoyed being domestic. I spent some time freezing the abundance of blueberries and home-grown beans nana gave us this weekend, as well as baking some zucchini brownies to use up some of the never-ending zucchini supply coming from the garden. It was nice just to be in the kitchen and putter away. I'm a fan of being domestic (did I mention the summer kitchen set up in my basement and the large cold storage room full of mason jars and stock pots that we included in our deal?). Definitely looking forward to doing more gardening, cooking, and preserving when I'm home with the baby next year.

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