Monday, July 19

For Crying Out Loud

We've abandoned cry it out.
Well, I have.  St. James does what he's told.

I was willing to try the crying, if it led to sleeping.  "The Book" said that after 4 nights, he should slip blissfully off to sleep after a matter of minutes.  Well, he didn't.  Add to that the fact that I was out every evening last week while the crying experiment was taking place, and I am no longer out every evening and can't stand it, it's over.  "The Book" said he would soon learn that his bed was a safe and happy place and would fall asleep on his own. Well, watching him writhe around in his crib, covered in sweat and tears, did not lead me to believe his crib was becoming a safe and happy place.  Add to that the fact that my once-happy baby who would sit on the floor and play independently for quite awhile has started bursting into tears the minute I leave his bedroom, and I'm done.

Not really sure what's next (not really looking for suggestions, either).  For now, it's cuddle-fest, 'cause he seems to have a bit of an ear infection and isn't sleeping much at all.  Or that's just my latest excuse, 'cause when did he ever really sleep much...?


  1. Aw... sorry to hear it didn't work out as planned. I hope you two enjoy your cuddle-fest. :)

  2. Rachel,

    Sadly "cry it out" only works for a small % of babies..depends on their temperments... You need to find what works for YOu and YOUR family... a GREAT book I've read... (if you have time for such things...) is "sleepless in America" by Mary Shedy Kunkura (spelling?)..she's the one that wrote 'raising your spirited child'... borrow it from the library.. maybe this will help?

    (I have a few other books/articles but sadly they are all in Winnipeg!)...

    :) Sarah

  3. I'm so sorry Rachel - I tried cry it out once with Eden and the next day, she was hardly herself so I gave it up too. Eventually he'll be sleeping and you'll be sleeping and I hope that that day comes quickly.

  4. I'm a bit embarrassed to say it, but I'm SO HAPPY that you're not doing CIO anymore!!! When I read that you were, I almost cried :( The method feels so disrespectful to these tiny humans ...

    But enough of that. Have you read Elizabeth Pantley's No-Cry Sleep Solution? She's very AP-minded and advocates small changes to a sleep routine that work towards whatever sleep goal you set. Definitely worth a read!

  5. I know I used cry it out successfully(ish), but I totally respect that it didn't work out for you & Haydon.

    Isn't it funny how much we love our sleep (both us and the babes)?? The amount of time I spent this past year agonizing over the sleep we were or weren't getting...!! Eventually they'll sleep through the night. HAHA, I still don't totally believe that!

    Snuggle times at night = what makes the world go round. Or something to that effect :) (We snuggle during sickness and new transitions too - and I love them).


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