Thursday, October 4

"nobody cares about your blog"...

...or so a t-shirt told me today. Seems to be true, as apparently nobody actually reads these :P

It's beautiful out there today. I can't wait for the weekend, to just get outside and enjoy it. This week has been a little nutso, SO much to do. I've gotten through it bit by bit. I have one more assignment due tomorrow, then I'm working in the evening, and then blessed Saturday arrives...I can't wait. James and I have been working towards trying to keep a Sabbath day once a week, it's so healthy (especially lately the way school has been). The thought of taking Charlie for a hike on Saturday is what's keeping me going.

I'm in class. I thought I had something to say, but, can't think of anything right now...I think it was just about being nice out today. I sat outside under a tree in the sunshine and finished my reading on my lunch break, it was quite nice. And my drive today was gorgeous. It was all foggy, and you would get snippets of blue/gray and then all the colours of the leaves. Quite pretty.

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  1. hey i read them! and i think others might but just don't comment on them, given that you have to have an account to post a comment. but i think they're hilarious - the idea of monty on fire made me laugh out loud on my porch :D


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