Monday, December 3

I better be really smart at the end of this...

So, I think this has officially been the hardest semester of my university career. I'm not exactly sure why, but for some reason, despite the fact that I feel like I am constantly doing school work, I am perpetually behind, which is foreign to me. But it's almost over. The 17th, is fast approaching. This week alone is just madness. I have a paper due today (which I am just about to start...bring on the long night), then an exam on Saturday, and final papers due next Monday and Tuesday. I haven't quite figured out how I'm going to adequately study and research/write two papers, and go to work, but, I guess I'll find out! Next semester is going to be so much more manageable...I can't wait.

hehehe...Charlie loves the snow. He has never spent so much time outside without one of us to entertain him. He's out there frolicking and eating the snow. It's very funny.

I am SO looking forward to finishing exams so we can finally get settled in our house! James is going to finish the floor in the master bedroom next week sometime, so we can actually unpack and take all of the extra furniture out of the would-be dining room...and then when I'm done school I'm going to paint/wallpaper/make pretty the main living room/dining areas, and this place will finally be liveable! Not that it's not know, we're just limited to 2 rooms. It will be nice to be fully unpacked. And have my PIANO!!!!

Ok. That was my little distraction before delving into this paper. I go a little crazy at home by myself with only books and animals to talk to...this way I can pretend that I've actually interacted with people out there, somewhere...

stay warm,

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