Friday, December 7

The ceremonial pre-paper post

Ah yes, I'm just about to start writing a paper, so of course, I must procrastinate just a little bit more by spewing into blogspace. Of course, I've been just about starting this here paper for almost 2 hours now...I spent the morning finishing up some research, took a little nap, woke up at 1:45, and was like "Yeah man! I can totally finish this baby today! Let's go!" And...went to make lunch. Then realized I wasn't hungry, stared at said lunch for awhile, eventually ate lunch...and frittered away time on facebook and looking at the requirements for the paper over, and over, and over again. That said, things were percolating in my head. So it was productive in terms of creative progress, just not in terms of words-on-page progress.

But now I am here, on the big comfy couch (I think I'm gonna look for a new couch with my birthday money in January...release the parental hand-me-downs to Hil and Maclean), laptop on (you guessed it) lap, blankies all 'round, phone handy so I don't have to get up if it rings, books piled on all sides, research notes scattered around, Supertramp on the record player (did I mention James brought home a record player for me from work?!!! AND that I found the records?! Hooray!). Ugh...just noticed kitchen lights are on and I should probably go be responsible and turn them off so as not to waste money and energy. But, coincidentally, the Supertramp needs to be turned over, so, it's as good a time as any to get up.

It's amazing how much useless blather I can produce in like, 2 minutes, when it takes me painful hours to write the useful stuff. Honestly, if this was double spaced, 1-inch margins, 12 pt font, I'd be halfway through page 2 by now...

So, here's the semi-intelligent, quasi-philosophical part of the post (I was reflecting the other day on how I called the blog "Big Thinks" and have lately filled it with fluff). Usually when I'm into papers and heavy schoolwork, I think of all the other things I'd rather be doing, which is in the big picture, parenting. So, this morning I was looking at other people's baby pictures on facebook, and James says "Baby baby baby...all I hear is baby baby baby...well...paper paper baby baby paper..." Later while I was researching, I was reading some woman's thesis on how women need divine figures that are complex females to develop a healthy sense of self, and she was arguing that Christianity doesn't provide this for women because the only major feminine figure in Christianity is Mary, and we only see her in the role of a mother, not as a sexualized, fully human being. The author was saying that men have an image to seek to shape their identity towards in God/Jesus, but women don't have an equivalent. Personally, I disagree. I don't believe that we can consider God "male", as he is outside of humanity. I think that God encompasses both feminine and masculine traits. I think that this is one of the reasons we gravitate toward marriage relationship with the opposite sex, as a way of mirroring the wholeness that is found in God and a way of reflecting his image and participating in his character. (I know that sounds a little yin-and-yangy...but I think there is truth to it). As I was reflecting on the character of God, and the wholeness that we see in his character and the trinity, I was thinking about the fact that there is the parent-child aspect of the trinity too. God's loving, nurturing character as expressed through Jesus is so important. Being made in God's image, I believe we have those characteristics planted in us too. Therefore, because I am made in God's image, I want babies. (disclaimer - I am not claiming that EVERYONE is called to marriage or parenthood, because I know that is certainly not the case - please don't read this as saying that those are the proper ways to take part in the character of God - they are A way).

So. Now on to the stuff that contributes to my grades.....

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