Thursday, January 10

All things new

I am so pumped for this semester. I just looked over all of the syllabi for my courses, plotted out due dates and deadlines on my calendar, and it looks pretty sweet! I only have THREE PAPERS!!! I can hardly believe it! And they're all spaced out quite well. Add that to the fact that I only need to be in Waterloo 3 days a week, and I really like my courses and profs, and it's looking like a pretty sweet semester. Thank God! I couldn't take another one like last fall.

So, school is looking good. Our house is ALSO looking good -finally! We got the living room/dining room done over the holidays. It's so nice to have a finished space to relax and work in! I'm quite excited. It should make getting school work done a LOT easier, not being in chaos. We're having a housewarming party on Saturday. It'll be good to get some people in here!

I like fresh starts. I am resolving to strive for balance this year. No specific resolutions, I'm just going to try to care for myself. So, discipline in my work, protecting my rest, spending time with God, having fun, enough exercise, healthy food, but nothing in extreme. That's the goal.

Here's some pics of the house (and the pets, 'cause they're so cute).

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