Tuesday, January 29

this is me, pulling out my hair

metaphorically, of course.
I'm supposed to be writing an online test today for my correspondance course. So, of course, the website this test is on is completely unaccessible right now, taking like, 10 minutes (that's not an exaggeration) for each page to load. Which made my studying and last minute prep this morning take forever, and is now taking forever for me to actually load the test review and test, which is taking up too much time of my day. I have other things to do...but it's kind of hard to do them in between while I wait for pages to load, and so I sit. I'm getting really good at computer pinball.
Really, I haven't much else to say. I was just really bored while waiting for this page to load, and figured I might come up with something interesting...not yet.

1 comment:

  1. Doesn't that always happen? Happened to me once when i needed to do a test online but the darn thing kept resetting and taking forever to load that i gave up. Luckily later it was more effective so i guess everyone was trying to do it at the same time or something. Hope all is well :)


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