Saturday, January 26

Darkness, Quiet and Warmth...

...the three things desired by my husband who came home from work puking. And so, I sit in my completely dark house (no, seriously - there is one tealight flickering in the window - James actually had sunglasses on while sitting in the darkened living room), with nothing to do, as most things I would like to do require light or make noise. I should've convinced him to sleep in the bedroom.
Anyway. So, here I sit with my laptop, as it is a relatively quiet and light-free way of entertaining myself. And, after reading countless other people's blogs, I thought "hmmm...I have one of those". Then I thought "but a lot of these people post really intelligent and interesting and insightful and inspiring things, and I don't have much that is intelligent/interesting/insightful/inspiring to say" but then decided to do it anyway.
So. I'm cold. Unlike James, I am not piled under a duvet. That's not related.
I had a rather productive day of schoolwork. Which is letting me do nothing this evening completely guilt-free. Which is nice. Because Sabbath is important, and really, techinically begins at sundown the night before. Also related to the productive and good day is that my NEW COUCH finally arrived! Yes, that's right, Rachel's Christmas-birthday couch is now in her living room. Which is lovely.
Although, I do kind of have mixed feelings about it. It's really sleek and shiny and new-looking. It changes the whole feel of the living room. It just doesn't have that humble, cottagey feeling to the same extent. And...I still haven't quite figured out how to guiltlessly enjoy luxuries. I'm sure there are ways that my couch money could've been spent that would have done a lot more than make me feel happy and comfortable in my living room. At the same time, I don't think it's wrong to be happy and comfortable in my living room (although, I was able to be happy and comfortable before the new couch - it just didn't look as nice). Anyway. I think as long as there are inequalities in this world it is right to be uncomfortable with luxury. Which also means I need to do something to address the inequalities. Which is also hard.
I'm taking a course on social inequality this semester. It's funny how I can think I am all for equality and the things that are necessary to achieve it, and then I read about a theorist that thinks that as a step toward equality we should end the inheritance of wealth and property and all of a sudden I'm like "WHAT!? That's ludicrous! I'm entitled to my families' stuff...." Which I'm probably not. It was good for me to read that and discover my reaction. Oh stuff. Why do we want more,more,more,more,more....?
Hmm. A song I heard this week comes to mind "With Jesus our only possession/then giving becomes our delight/It's hard to imagine the freedom we find/From the things we leave behind"
Which I can totally attest to from some of my personal experiences.
But it doesn't change the fact that I'm excited about my new couch.

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