Tuesday, March 11


So, apparently I only blog when homework is sending me over the edge...which it is right now. I have now idea how to technologically complete this assignment, which I need to do for my presentation tomorrow, and I'm getting really frustrated. That combined with the fact that I am rather alone, which tends to make me kooky after awhile anyway, is not good right now. I have no idea how to get this done, and I have no one to talk to and I am just really sad and frustrated! Grr!

All of this seems to be happening on the backdrop of some sort of winter blahs or something. I am just generally angry/sad/teary/tired-feeling(despite getting lots of sleep) in the last couple of days. Just winter combined with school stress? Hopefully. Or, as my mother said, "Could it be some kind of mood disorder?" They tend to run in the family. I'm rather opposed to that option. Either way, it's getting in the way of me getting my work done. But I can't seem to get my work done because I just don't know how! ARG!

Um....yeah. That's all for now.

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