Tuesday, March 18

holy socks

So, lately, almost EVERY pair of socks I put on has a hole on the big toe of my right foot. It's kind of strange...even new ones! Perhaps I am some sort of anatomical anomaly. Whatever it is, it's annoying.

This week is MUCH better than last one. Last week was just nuts - I was a mess. But I am feeling normal again, and for that I am VERY grateful. Thanks to those who were praying - and to James who was ridiculously patient with me falling apart over...well, everything from French toast to medieval English presentations.

Today is a reading day, and tomorrow a writing day, since I have a response paper due on this book tomorrow. Provided our faculty don't strike, since their bargaining deadline is midnight tonight. In that case, I really have no idea what's happening - which is kind of frustrating. The faculty have not addressed the "what if?'s" at all...so I don't know what will happen to the semester. But we can just hope that they can resolve the issue in negotiations today.

It's raining :-D

not snowing!

This is very good. I am very happy about that. I have never been so anti-winter. But this winter has been nuts! I don't even remember what it's like to wear sandals. Or be hot. I vaguely remember reading on the porch, and am looking forward to putting my rocking chair back out there...come, spring!

And I hope our basement doesn't leak (so far so good - but this is our first real thaw, plus the rain...hopefully we don't discover we have a leaky basement).

Speaking of warm weather - what's Prague like in July? Anyone? I have no idea! But I'm REALLY excited about going! The website for the program I'm attending is www.lessinginstitute.com if you want to check out what I'll be doing.

Ok, so, off I go to read. Happy day!

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