Thursday, June 19

Whole Lotta Random

I just put together some BEAUTIFUL hanging baskets and they are making me very happy. It's nice to have a night at home, after a day of work, and not be at school or running errands or doing homework. Doesn't happen very often and I am thoroughly enjoying it. And my pretty new baskets. I think I'll take a picture of them to add to this. Nope, I won't, 'cause I left our camera at my parents'. Oops! Well, trust me, they're pretty. Orange and blue and green and pretty.

And now I'm going to go outside with my Bible and journal and chill with God for a bit. I've been horrible at nourishing my spirit lately, and I'm starting to see the negative results of that. I've often been scheduled to work when I would normally be at church or Bible study, so my organized times of worship and learning have been cut out, and because I have been undisciplined while trying to manage (poorly) school and work, personal worship and learning have been non-existent. James and I had a really good (long and tearful) talk the other night. He mentioned that I was grumpy, and I just started to spill my frustrations about not being able to keep up with everything, and not having enough time to do what I needed to let alone things I wanted to, and that I was feeling pressure to keep our home and yard perfect. James said something really wise. He said

"At some point we need to stop trying to make things perfect and recognize that they are good, and be content with that."

And so, my house doesn't look perfect right now. My nails are a mess and could use some attention. My dog could use a walk. But. *I* need to spend time with my creator, to get myself in line with who he desires me to be. Because, as I read recently "When prayer fades out, power fades out" (E. Stanley Jones), and, if I am going to have the power to contribute to any of the things I mentioned above being good, I'd better go pray.

Oh yeah! And...


And THAT makes me reallyreallyreally happy.

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