Friday, November 7

Psalm 23

"The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not want." Ps 23:1

"I shall not want." Is that a fact? A certainty based on the truth that the LORD is my shepherd?

But I still want...

Perhaps it is a determination - "I shall NOT want!" - I won't allow myself? I will trust despite wanting?

But I still want...

Want what?

Perhaps I am not yet being shepherded. Perhaps, what I want is to know in my experience the Lord as my shepherd.
Or, perhaps, I do not understand just how significant it is that the Lord is my shepherd. Perhaps, if I realized the extent of his love, the vastness of his provision, I would be able to rest, to not want.

So. What does it really mean? The LORD is my shepherd...?


- Yahweh, the creator of the universe, the provider of the garden...the ram...the exodus...the manna...the lamb of God.

Yes. That Lord


This is his very nature! He says "I AM"; "I will be who I will be." This sentence could be just as powerful if it stopped there - The LORD is.

But it doesn't. It goes on. The LORD is my...

My. Me. A personal God.

The LORD is my...

shepherd - one who leads, feeds, shelters protects.

The LORD is my shepherd!

I shall not want.

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