Friday, May 22


I know. You're thinking, "Wow. Lucky me. Two posts from Rachel in one day."

This will be brief. I just thought I'd share my random ironic moment.

I am cleaning behind my stove. This wouldn't be so bad, if I didn't share my accomodations with small rodents, who, along with pooping behind my stove (which would be somewhat understandable), have gotten into every nook and cranny and vent opening in the back of my stove, I have discovered. Which would explain the smell that led me there to clean in the beginning, as I have apparently been roasting mouse poops everytime I use my stove.

The funny part is, as I'm starting this, the song that I'm listening to goes to the chorus, which starts:
"Hey, hey, I'm crawling in my skin. Hey, hey, what have I gotten into...?"



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