Friday, May 1

May Day! May Day!

Ok, so it's not really that dramatic. But it is May 1st, and beautiful out, and that is a happy thing.

I haven't blogged in a while. I am enjoying my new-found freedom. And all this relaxing has led to not much intelligent thought, leaving me without many profound and enlightening thoughts to pass along.

I work afternoons at the group home. That's been good. It also means that my mornings are alllll mine. And I am sleeping in like the laziest person ever (ok. so, maybe not. but I used to be quite the morning person, and lately, it's close to 9 before I'm up). It's been great.

I just mined through the piles and piles of paper and found my desk, also good.

I walk my dog, good.

I read fluff, and nap, good.

I play my piano, good.

Basically, things are pretty good.

Oh - and - tulips blooming - GREAT!

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