Tuesday, October 6

This day is brought to you by the letter 'P'...

...and was pretty much perfect (perfect - a p word, see?)

I was reflecting on the greatness of this day, and was surprised by how many things in it started with the letter 'P', and figured that was worth sharing. I'm annoyed that I left our camera at the other house, because a bunch of these things could be way more fun with pictures (what! another great 'p' thing!). I may in fact repost it with some tomorrow when I have the camera.

Pickles with Mom

Mom came over to our new house this morning and helped James and I make a batch of dill pickles, which are one of my most favourite things in the world. We have now canned in our new house, and it has the piano in it (WHAAAT piano! a 'p' word! this is getting eerie), which I think makes it home. Pickles and pianos - honestly, what more could you want in a home than music and homemade edibles?

"Putzing" with Mom

Is putzing a real word? Part of me wonders if maybe it's one my family has made up...anyway, to "putz about" is to take your time enjoying pretty things, often in good company, where we come from. Mom was driving me to my in-laws to borrow a car from them, when she exclaimed "We haven't eaten! You need food!" I reminded her I was about to go home and get lunch...but we ended up at the lovely organic crepe and fair trade coffee restaurant on Locke St, and of course passed a few lovely stores that needed visiting between the car and the restaurant.

Ok, so obviously Mom has come been covered. James' parents graciously shared their car with us today, as they do on a regular basis, and it makes our lives SO much easier. Um, and I have I mentioned that my house looks great because it has been painted top to bottom by my crazy wonderful father? We are so blessed to have such awesome parents.

Pam is our real estate agent, who came by today with the papers to sign because we finally SOLD OUR HOUSE!!! What a relief! Um, did I mention she also brought a beautiful housewarming present? If you're looking to buy or sell a house, I give her the most high recommendation I possibly can.

Pea Soup

Ok, so, I don't actually really like pea soup. But I do like that I have a husband who cooks, and is a pretty good cook, and a good planner when it comes to food. I came home today to a crockpot full of pea soup, which will be frozen for James' lunches/last minute dinners. Better than the pea soup is the partner. :)

Potent Pumpkin Spice Smells

Last week when I was in Brantford I stopped in one of my favourite little shops, Serenity, and bought those little waxy things you melt above a candle and my house smells amaaaazing. I'm enjoying a quiet night of tidying, listening to good music, and the lovely good smell of this stuff, which the owner of the shop makes herself.

I can hardly believe that 9 months has become 9 weeks. I'm getting pretty darned excited about this babmino coming, although I had a total space cadet moment this morning, sitting at the computer, and I looked down at one point and was actually startled by my belly, and wondered for a sec how/when I got fat. Then remembered that it's not fat. More random is the fact that I was researching diapers while this occurred. Oh well.

Point Made?

P has been good to me today. I'm feeling pretty blessed by the goodness in my life. Any linguistic trends in your life lately?


  1. I feel the need to point out that at the end of typing that, my options were to "preview" or "publish post." Strange...

  2. "Pickles and pianos - honestly, what more could you want in a home than music and homemade edibles?"

    Well... I'd like a place to sleep and a place to commune with people... for starters :P However, I get he point, we're on the right track.

    Also you forgot the lovely grapes which smell so good that will be made into wine soon... oh wait... you don't drink wine... well... ummm.... I'm grateful for it! (too bad I wont get to really try it for a couple of years!)

  3. ohhh space cadet friend of mine :)
    so glad you sold the house!! YAYY!!
    i'd say let's celebrate with wine, but i'm thinking you won't be having any of that any time soon. so i'll just drink yours too, okay? fabulous :D


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