Monday, November 23

Monday, November 23rd...and somehow this is a good thing?!

I've discovered in this new not-working life that my attitude toward Monday has totally changed. No longer is it that dreaded beginning to a long week. No, Monday has suddenly become the sigh of relief at the end of a jam-packed weekend. I found it funny when I realized that I was thinking "if I can just make it to Monday, then I can slow down and relax a bit."
On the other side of the coin, St. James is amazing, and had an equally busy weekend (church stuff, tying up odds and ends at our old house before the sale finalizes, etc), but doesn't get to wind down. For awhile. No, he has to work all week, and somehow also find time to prep a sermon to preach on Sunday. After this weekend, I am legislating a day of rest for the husband. The poor man actually woke up this morning and asked me if I was having contractions. When I said no, his reply was "...I guess I have to go to work then."
Besides Monday, another thing often dreaded is November. Which, again, is not the case this season. It has been strangely gorgeous - not dreary, or grey, or blustery, or any of those other typical November things. Nope, it is sunny and mild, and I, as well as my neighbours on either side, have our clothesline full today. How bizarre! And glorious - no complaints here.

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