Thursday, January 21

One-handed Typing..

...takes talent, I'll have you know. You may now proceed to marvel as you read this and sporadically recall "she typed this all with one hand!"

It's gorgeous sunny out. Enough to make me consider hanging laundry outside, which would be good for my soul, but probably not dry any faster than inside 'cause it's still below freezing. Oh well. Also good for my soul would be to go for a walk to the library, which was the plan for the morning, except now it's almost 11, there is laundry EVERYWHERE (and dog hair in more places than that), and Haydon will need to eat soon. Oy. Scaleback of expectations of what to accomplish begins now...

But seriously. On the list of important every-day things I've put: a walk, a nap, a devotion, and a load of laundry. Supper is up there (like yesterday, supper happened - when I called James and asked for a Big Mac on his way home...). Those things alone can take up pretty much my whole day, when scheduled around feeds.

Which means I'd better stop typing (with one hand), throw a load of diapers in, feed this baby, and hit the road. That sunshine is too good to miss.

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