Tuesday, March 2

Coffee and Perogies

Well, I've lost a bit of my momentum in the organization department, but that's ok. I spent time with my favourite guys this morning, and that's just as valuable! On Tuesdays James doesn't go in to work until the afternoon, so we've earmarked those days to be our time to connect and pray together. This morning we went for a walk with Charlie and Haydon and prayed for our families, our church, our neighbourhood and ourselves. Good times were had by all. Good times were made even better by McDonald's free coffee, which inspired me to direct our walk toward Springy's so I could get a cupholder for the stroller in which I could hold that glorious free java. Springy's is wonderful. If you're a parent of wee ones in Hamilton, you should really check them out sometime. We walked in, Anthony immediately noticed our squeaky stroller, and he oiled all our wheels and installed the cupholder while we waited.
Back to McDonald's. I have a guilt-filled, love-hate relationship with those golden arches. The hate is that whole multi-national corporation taking over the world and selling crappy food in throw-away containers thing, and the greasy fatty awfulness clogging up my arteries. The love is the glorious salty french fries and fantastic coffee, which is free for the next two weeks. I wonder if there's a limit on that. We have one just down the street. Do you think they'd think I was a complete nutter if I showed up twice a day for a free cup of joe? It might be worth the walk...
Of to lunch with my husband, who's making perogies as we speak, 'cause he's just good like that. In lots of places, I would be making the lunch while he gets ready for work, 'cause he's supposed to leave in like, 10 minutes, isn't dressed yet, hasn't got his supper ready, or any of those things. A good wife would be helping with those things so he could get out the door on time. Me? I'm blogging while he serves me lunch. There's a reason I call him St. James. I'm a lucky girl.

Mmm. perogies.

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