Monday, March 1

Makin' this House a Home...

I spent the weekend in Brantford with my family (of origin...apparently I need to clarify that as I have my own little family now). James was working all weekend, and, as much fun as it is to be stuck at home with no car and a baby, it's WAY more fun to be at "home" with 3 other baby holders and people to talk to. It was a good time, culminating in good food and good company and good hockey. And then James came to take us home.

Bad things happen when James comes to take us home.

See, I like my parent's house. It's comfy. It's beautiful. Life feels more organized (could have something to do with the 3 baby holders and the ease with which I can get dressed in the morning, and then have someone else make me coffee and provide my meals). And so I have this lovely mini-holiday with these people that I love, and then, on Sunday night, my poor husband who has been abandoned for the weekend comes and I pout and drag my heals because I have to leave. It makes him feel great, I'm sure.

I was reflecting on this as we were packing up to come home, and I realized that a lot of it has to do with the actual space. My house feels disorganized and dirty. Ok. It doesn't just feel that way, it is that way a lot of the time. Which, may be excusable since I have a new baby and all that jazz, but, doesn't make it feel nice, and doesn't make me want to be there. So, I escape to my parents' house, friends houses, go shopping, etc, and run in and out of the house, stopping just long enough to dump a pile and grab what I need for my next outing, and adding to the chaos, making me want to be home even less. It's time to change that.

This week, it's gonna change. Starting this week, I am going to do a serious, top-to-bottom organize and spring clean of my house. I'm going to aim for one room a day, give or take, since I can probably do both bathrooms in one day, but will likely need a bit more for the crazy spare bedroom black hole where stuff just seems to accumulate, and then there's the basement, which I couldn't conquer in a month of Sundays. The goal is for this glorious organizing blitz to culminate in a weekend of tackling the basement together, not this coming weekend, but the one after.

I'm going to blog my progress. I'll give you pictures. Hopefully before and after pictures, not just before pictures. Keep me accountable. Ask me how it's going. Don't invite me out for coffee or anything else. Come over to help (or baby-hold) if you like.

In two weeks, come marvel at the beauty and comfort of my organized dwelling. I hope you'll want to stay. Or, if not, I hope I'll want to stay...

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