Wednesday, February 24

Colouring Books and Crochet Hooks

I bought myself a colouring book.

Last week, at my Bible study group, one of the kids was colouring quietly beside me while we had our discussion. She had a colouring book. It was one of the most beautiful colouring books I'd ever seen. I spent more time looking over at her colouring book than I did participating in the Bible study. Then, when she went to bed, I coloured a page.

The next day, I went to Citizen Kid and bought the same one.

It's a beautiful colouring book. Not just your usual old colouring and activity book. First of all, it's massive. The pages aren't numbered, but the back says there are over 360, and I believe it. Second of all it's just really darned neat. It leaves lots of room to create, not just connect the dots or stay in the lines. For example, there's a spread with a wolf in the top corner, and on the other page in the opposite corner, some pigs. In the top corner, it says "Oh no! It's a wolf! Make sure he doesn't eat the pigs!" Fantastic. Third, I really love colouring, and have been feeling the need to be creative lately, and am not good at doing that on my own, so, I figure I can benefit from the suggestions and the stepping stones that are laid out in this lovely colouring book. That, and I am forever finding paper to start lists and organize my life, so, why not just have a fantastic-amazing colouring book in which I can do all that stuff, and colour? Sounds good to me.

St. James was sitting beside me as I was looking over our bank info on the computer. "What else did you buy at Citizen Kid?" He asked, as he saw the amount that had been withdrawn. "Nothing. Just the colouring book."
"JUST the colouring book!?! You spent $28.00 on a COLOURING BOOK!?!"
"Yes. It's worth it..."

I then proceeded to tell him all of the wonderful things about the colouring book that I just told you. Then reminded him that we each have our own little bit of spending money, this was mine, and I don't have to justify it. So there.

Today, I bought crochet hooks. Just before Haydon was born, I tried to knit a blanket. I'd get about 4 rows done, make a mistake, not know how to fix it, and start over again. I did this about 5 times. Then he was born, and I stopped caring. But I would like to do something with that beautiful yarn, and I've heard that crocheting is way easier, so, I think I'll try that next. I just am really feeling itchy to create. Something, anything. Even if it is just one beautiful, colourful, to-do list.

Speaking of to-do list, I'd better go write one. I have this beautiful paper waiting...


  1. So, you can get my beautiful colouring book waaaaay cheaper on amazon, I discovered when I went looking for a link to it. Ouch. Must keep telling myself how important it is to support local business.....

  2. Well, Rachel, look for a good crochet pattern free on the internet and then just put in each stitch it asks you to do.. ie: sc, dc, trc, and it will show you one at a time by video how to do it. It is awesome! If you have crocheted a granny square before you can do a sweater easily. Check out the outfit I made for Beckett
    on my fb page under Karens surprise birthday party. That was one I found on the net. If you have any trouble give me a call.

  3. Hi! Just found your blog after seeing the incoming link to our Citizen Kid website.

    We love that you bought a colouring book for yourself and it sounds like you're really enjoying it. We also love that you shopped local for it! Thanks!

    We were a little stunned to see the price is only a dollar more than our wholesale cost! Yikes! Obviously it's tough to compete with Amazon and Chapters but we love those books so we carry them...

    Thanks again for mentioning us in your blog... Would you mind sending us your mailing address so that we could send you a little something to say "Thanks"? :-)

    Rebecca and Trevor
    bamwest at gmail dot com


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