Friday, November 26


I really want to complain today.  I'm tired.  Haydon's teething (and has never been so cranky in his LIFE).  Money's a bit tight.  James is behind in his school work.  Things are just busy.

As I was feeling exhausted and overwhelmed this morning, I thought to myself "I should have another baby.  'Cause then I could be off work.  And all I want to do is sit in my pajamas...which I could do, if I had another baby."

How's that for logic - feeling overwhelmed with life...add another mouth to feed!  And bum to change.

Buuuuuuuuut the staying in pajamas would be nice.  So would the cuddles.


  1. :O You be crazy. But, they ARE wonderful to snuggle. But again, it's even LESS sleep. But also, I AM still in my comfy clothes and it's 1pm. But, this means I haven't had the time to actually put on real clothes even if I desired to.

    Good times..


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