Saturday, April 4

April 5th?

More like November 5th. It is downright gross outside my window. It is grey, and windy, and cold. The only thing that tells me it is April and not November are the little shoots of green that are popping up. But they are pretty small compared to the rest of the big blah day.

I have a lot to do this weekend. I have a paper due Monday that I am only in the beginning stages of (as in, researching, not writing yet). I have all day today, but most of tomorrow is full, and then I have to have it in by 4:00 on Monday. Yippee.

And then an exam Thursday 9th, another huge paper (15-18 pages, also not at all started) due Monday 13th. And of course, Easter weekend smashed in the middle there. Almost done...

13 days...

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