Monday, April 13

Looking Forward to...

I am sitting at my table in front of my computer, with papers and books spread around me. This has become such a familiar posture...
I am also looking longingly out the window at my yard, thinking of how much I want to get out there and pull weeds when this LAST week of school drudgery is over. And that made me think of some of the other things I'm looking forward to...

- gardening. James and I are hoping to grow veggies this year, and I would also like to grow some pretty things (flowers) in the yard

- cleaning...there are some places in this house that need some serious attention. Like the tupperwear cupboard. the laundry room. the handmarks and dirt splatters from the dog in the front hallway. the back bedroom/office/general dumping ground for crap.

- establishing a new routine. I'm reallyreally looking forward to not having assignments, and readings, and other things that are constantly in the back of my head saying "You should doooo something..." I will go to work. I will live. That will be really good. More specifically, this routine will involve daily time in prayer and scripture, and daily exercise, two things I was doing ok with, but have really slipped in the past month of chaos. Also, related to this new routine thing, I am going to spend some time really carefully thinking about how I spend my time and energy. This will be a season of not committing to new things, and deciding what things are important to be committed to. A season in which I want to be a human-BEing and not a human-DOing.

- creating. I am going to find a hobby - hopefully quilting - and spend some regular time surrounding myself with colour and making something pretty. I am also going to spend more time with my lonely piano.

- investing in people. I have totally neglected my grandparents through this school craziness, and that's not ok. They won't be here forever. I hope to spend at least 1 day a month with each set.

I can't wait! One week, and I can jump into all of that school-free goodness.

Until then...I have 15 pages to write and fit into a 4-day work week (as in, being at work, and doing school work around that. Not 4 days to do school work. That would be sweet). Topped off with a Saturday night exam. Sigh...

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  1. Insert long agonised moan here.
    I feel your pain & your aspirations!


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