Friday, April 23

Cloth Diapering Resources

This is the end of the diaper diaries, I promise. I just wanted to post some helpful links and resources for cloth diapering.

*The first is re-diaper, a Hamilton based cloth diaper store run by my friend Anj. Located on Ottawa St S, re-diaper has a great selection of cloth diapers and accessories, and Anj is super knowledgable and helpful. When Haydon was born, Anj got us set up with everything we needed. Including a lasagna (I can't promise the lasagna deal is still running). BUT, I can tell you that Anj has some great Earth Day sales on right now, and that they're on until tomorrow. I can also tell you that I have 3 coupons for 10% off at Little Bird/re-diaper, and am happy to give them to the first three people who speak up!

* is a great blog resource for all things mom related. Last year it ran a great series on cloth diapering, with info on everything from what kinds of diapers are out there, to how to put them on, to how to wash them, and pretty much anything else you can imagine that's cloth diaper related. When I was pregnant, I spent HOURS reading about and researching diapers, and this was a great starting point!

I think that's all I have to say! I hope that my diaper ramblings have piqued your interest, and that I have hopefully gotten rid of some of the scariness of cloth diapering. Feel free to ask me any questions!

And now...I have diapers to hang out!


  1. I love your diaper posts! Just don't go posting pics of what you find in there ok? :)

  2. Well, Rachel, this is yet another reason why I like you! Twenty years ago I made my own cloth diapers and began a company called "Waddles in White, Inc" It was a fitted terry cloth diaper with velcro and form fitted nylon covers. It was pretty successful for about 5 years until the paper diaper companies discovered we had chewed away 30% of their profits. Then the ad campaigns began. That campaign damaged our industry so much that Canada alone went from having 59 cloth diaper manufacturers down to 23, when I left.

    I have to admit, It is refreshing to see this new generation upgrading, posting and using cloth diapers again! Good job, ladies!!! The Earth thanks you, and so do I! :)


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