Thursday, April 15

Diapers, ad nauseum

Yep, you have reason to think I'm nuts. I have more to say about diapers. Did I mention I get excited about them?

So, I already told you how much money they save, and how many trees they save, and how much better they hold poop. But, I haven't told you how easy they are to use. I'm pretty sure that it's about the same amount of work as disposables (although, I don't know this for sure, 'cause I have never used disposables full time). Let me tell you how it works at our house.

This is our change station. Underneath are the diapers and covers. In the hangy-thing to the right we keep cloth wipes, and to the left is the pail where the dirties go. When it's time to change a diaper, we come in, first grab a wipe, walk to the bathroom and get it wet, then return to do the deed here. Diaper comes off, and is dumped in the pail beside the change table. So far, pretty much the same as a disposable (aside from wipe-wetting, I suppose). Clean up whatever mess is here (I like cloth wipes a lot more - they just seem to clean easier, and if your babe has sensitive skin, you don't have to worry about wipe chemicals), then grab a fresh diaper.

The diapers we mainly use are called kissaluvs. We've tried a couple other systems, but these are the ones we like best. It's a fitted cotton diaper. We add the doubler because Haydon is a pretty heavy wetter. It just lays inside.

Over top of the diaper goes a cover. There are lots of different kinds, we've got 4 or 5 that we've tried. This is the fun part of diapering - so many different colours and patterns to choose from! There are some with snap closures, and some with velcro. Velcro is fast and easy, but snaps last longer (good for future babes), and are more difficult for a baby to take off on their own. Also, if you have a porker like mine who's belly tends to roll over the top of the diaper, the snaps avoid velcro scratchies.

That's all there is to it! And seriously, does a disposable diaper look this cute?

I think not...

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  1. I discovered a time saving tip for the wipes... we use cloth wipes too and we have a container (about the size and shape of a plastic water bottle) with water that is stored with the diapers. I have also seen a spray bottle used. Jen P.


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