Tuesday, April 13

Life is GOOD

My son, my dear son, my dear darling son who is almost perfect except for his inability to sleep more than 2 hours most nights despite being 4 months old SLEPT 9 HOURS LAST NIGHT! He went to bed at 7. He woke up at 4. Life is good.

I will give you a moment to let that sink in.

After 4 months of interrupted sleep, I got to sleep for 6 whole consecutive hours. Life is good.

And then, when he got up again to eat at 6:15 and I figured he'd be up for the day, St. James said he'd get up with him so I could sleep a bit longer. Life is good.

And then, he fell asleep after his 6:15 feeding, and St. James got to crawl back in bed and cuddle before slipping off and quietly getting ready for work so I could sleep even longer. Life is good.

And then, when dear darling baby woke up around 8, I brought him into bed with me and we cuddled and giggled and gurgled together for awhile (he did most of the giggling and gurgling, just to be clear). Life is good.

And then, when I fed him again, he fell asleep just long enough for me to have a decent shower, and woke up smiling and chatting again as I got out. Life is good.

And then, he sat happily in his little chair playing with toys while I made delicious eggs which I ate in my beautiful home while looking out a the bright sunny day. Life is good.

Irony? A friend is coming this afternoon to spend time with my babe so I can get some rest after a week of crappy nights. But now we can visit.

Life is good.

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  1. Yay Haydon! I'm glad you finally got some good rest. :)


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