Friday, January 14

A Day's Delights

Today was one of those days that just couldn't have been much better.
One of those wonderful, ordinary, lovely days in which nothing extra special happens, but is full of all kinds of things that are so very special.
Today was a long time coming, the first day I've had off after working 10 in a row.

And it was good.  
Kind of like God said it would be when he mandated rest.
That God.  So wise.

The Saint of a husband of mine let me sleep in.
Around 9:00, two smiling faces accompanied a giant cup of coffee into my bedroom.
And we all crawled in, and snuggled, and sang "head and shoulders knees and toes", and tickled, and giggled, and the coffee got cold, and I couldn't have been happier.
(Haydon touched his own head for the first time today as we sang - I was so excited to see him making that connection!)

Then I and the boy went for a walk down Ottawa Street.
And I love Ottawa Street.
(as my husband said the other day - I wish there were more "love" words in the English language, 'cause when I see that written down, it looks silly putting love next to a street when 
I love God 
and I love my son 
and I love good books
...but you get the idea)

We strolled, and we browsed, and we chatted with shop-owners and artists, and I bought clothes, and my boy got to play, and then we walked home in the sunshine 'cause I missed the bus by about 30 seconds, and figured I might as well spend the next half hour getting some exercise in the sunshine rather than standing in the cold at a bus stop.
As we walked, we sang, 'cause that's just what I do.
And we danced, 'cause I tend to do that too.
And I'm sure I looked ridiculous singing and dancing my way down Cannon Street with a stroller.
And I'm sure I couldn't care less.

Haydon was tired.
He wanted to sleep so badly.
And I wanted him to stay awake and have lunch before his nap so badly.
So I kept tickling him, and singing louder, and involving the stroller in my dance.
And he kept giggling, and squirming, and yawning...
And somehow managed to sleep and laugh at the same time, twitching and smiling as I played with his ear lobes or poked his belly.

After lunch, that St. James got home.
And we waited for the poor little boy to put himself to sleep (sometimes he does so well, other times it seems to take forever - today he managed to poo just after I put him down, prolonging the whole thing even more by throwing a bum change into the mix).
Then that Saintly guy and I had a nap of our own.
Mmmmm.  Naps are so good.
And I tip-toed out before either of those great guys woke up, and I snuck into the bath and enjoyed a few minutes of peace and quiet and hot water before I trudged downstairs with a load of dirty diapers.

My mama got me a gift card for my birthday, and I asked St. James if he minded if I ran to the store for a bit to buy some clothes I needed (I use that word liberally.  we don't really know need).
And of course, he said yes.
And of course, when I walked in the door two hours later, dinner was ready.
Chicken parmagiana.
And he kissed me, and put on his coat, and went to work and didn't even get to eat it with us.
(He'll be fed at work - he can pick off the restaurant's menu.  It's not as bad as I made it sound)
but it sure is as good as I made it sound.  
Haydon loved it - he ate a whole chicken breast!

And then he played while I tidied.
And we headed upstairs, and got ready for bed, and I blew raspberries on his chubby little tummy as we put on his pjs.
And read our stories.
And nursed, and prayed.
And hugged, and kissed.
And tucked in.

And now, I sit, after doing those tasks that seem mundane, but mean that we're alive - laundry, dishes.
In the background, Crosby, Stills &Nash sing "Our house, is a very very very fine house!" over the hum of the dishwasher.
To one side is a beautiful vase of bright orange and red Gerber daisies - a birthday gift from my mom-in-law,
on the other a sleeping, sighing dog.

My heart is so full.
I am so blessed.  

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  1. I am happy to read about your wonderful day! So glad you are enjoying your day of rest and the time with your family.


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