Tuesday, January 11

Resolutions, week 2

Holy Guacamole has it been a busy week.

I did a pretty good job of meeting my time goals regarding going to bed and getting up on time.  Not so much last night, but as my dear husband pointed out, when you don’t get off work until 9, it’s tricky to get home and be in bed by 10.

Starting this week, it should get a whole lot easier.


I got a new job!


That doesn’t involve working weekends!

I am SO glad and so relieved.  This will be so good for our family.

I’ll be working for the same agency, but in an administrative role rather than front line as I was before.  It’s a bit of a commute, but it is Monday-Friday, 8:30-4, weekends off, and that will be such a nice change.  My past schedule was a 4-week rotation including weekends and evenings, and it was getting tricky to figure out when we’d need a sitter, and just challenging to maintain consistency for Haydon.  This will be a whooooole lot better.

So, last week’s resolutions were to get up and go to bed on time.  This week I’m adding the next step (or previous step, in terms of bed time).

In the morning, the alarm is set for 6.  After the 6am news, the first thing I’m doing is heading downstairs with my Bible to spend some time in the word and pray over my day.  That’s this week’s resolution – spending time in scripture and in prayer before anything else.

The bedtime resolution is to floss.  Ok, not just floss, but to actually do all of those little self-care items that I often overlook, like flossing, and putting on eye cream, and all of those things that apparently will make a difference in 20 years.  And are just good for me.  That means heading to the bathroom by 9:45 so that I actually have time to do what I need to do in time to be in bed by 10.

So.  There ya have it:

Last week – get up/go to bed on time
This week – spend time in scripture first, floss

I hope you have a good week!

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