Monday, January 3


It's a new year, the calendar tells me.
Do you make New Year's resolutions?

I haven't really made any huge goals, but I consistently am looking for ways to tidy up our lives and stay on top of things, and so I'm working on a little plan to try and make sure that the important things happen.

The plan is to write out all of the things that should happen in a day, jot down a rough schedule of what a day that includes all of those things looks like.
And then, because that would likely make me overwhelmed and just want to crawl into bed because I'm not close to actually accomplishing those things, I'll pick two to implement each day, one for the morning, one for the evening.  

Each week, I'll try to remember to tell you what it is I'm working into my day.

This week it's timing.  I'm going to work on getting up at a regular time (even if the dear boy is still sleeping, which will be my biggest challenge), and going to bed at a regular time.  I think I'll aim for a 6:00 wake up, and to be in bed by 10 (like, head on pillow, not heading toward the bathroom to start my night time routine).

Once I have my wake up and bedtimes down, I'll work on filling in the things that need to happen in between!

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  1. Lists! The bane of humanity. I hear you.

    Your plan sounds perfect.

    I’ve prayed for the sleep thing. My “sleep thing” – and incurable insomnia I’ve had nearly 15 years now that allows me the equivalent of a bout 3 useful hours of sleep per night, defines me nearly as much as my faith. I get how Sleepy mom = angry mom.

    I’m still praying for your year of “loosening your grip”

    God Bless and Keep you and all of yours


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