Wednesday, February 11

I will NOT complain..

I was really convicted last week by Phillipians 2:14-15 last week, "Do all things withut murmuring and arguing, so that you may be blameless and innocent..." and I realized how quick I am to complain, about a LOT of things. Most things, actually. I noticed that complaining was often how I would enter into conversations - it seems like an easy way to relate to people, most people have some sort of sympathy for whatever situation we might be in, and it's a way to invite THEM to complain back (how uplifting). So, I've been trying not to. But it's SUPER hard! I find that when I go to fill in my facebook status, my default is to complain (Rachel has a headache. Rachel is tired. Rachel is reading...again. etc,etc).
So...I was going to complain about my busy week. But, instead, I am going to celebrate a few things.
a) I have survived this week of working/school every day, and my midterm went well last night, despite having little time to study. Only one day of school left, one day of work left, then a long weekend with NO plans! Hooray!
b) There are only 6 weeks of the term left! 6 weeks (plus exams) of my undergrad left! YIPPEEE!
c) Our faculty association has come to a tentative agreement with the school administration so a strike has hopefully been averted - THAT would not have been a fun way to prolong my last semester.

Ok. Now that I've got that out of my system, time to read and write my last assignment of the week.

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