Friday, February 20


So, my water is turned off for awhile this morning because there is work being done on the pipes or sewers or something in my street (which I was made aware of by the nice man in the orange coat who woke me up to ask if I had a car parked on the street, or if I knew any of the places he would find owners of the cars on the street...another nice man then came back a few hours later while I was in my house coat to tell me the water would be shut off).
It's made me realize how much we take our water for granted! I don't have anything specific I need the water for, I had already showered and done a load of laundry before it was turned off, but, I still notice that I keep going to the tap. To wash an apple, rinse my sticky hands after eating the apple, wipe the counter, etc, etc. What a privilege it is to have this constant supply running through my pipes! A good reminder of how precious that wet stuff really is, and what so many others have to do to access it. If I had walked to a stream or well to draw my water, I am certain my shower would've been shorter, some of those clothes wouldn't have needed washing this time time around, and my apple wouldn't need quite as much water to wash it either. Good reminders.

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