Sunday, December 5

12 Days of Haydon

My boy will be a year old in twelve days, can you believe it?
I've gotten pretty sappy sentimental as I think about the fact that my son is growing up and becoming independent and all that jazz.  Picking up his sippy cup on his own.  Taking steps.  Freaking out when I take away things he shouldn't play with.  A real live little personality developing in there.

So, I decided I'll do a little reminiscing.  In the twelve days counting down to his birthday, I'll do a photo walk down memory lane of each month of his life.

So.  Here's December 2009.

 You can read more about his horrible delivery blessed arrival here if you like

The first photo ever taken of my boy.  Under 10 minutes old. Nice nose, eh?

First hour in the hospital.

Getting to know you, getting to know all about you...

In December...

We came home.

We did a lot of Christmas visitting (which was absolutely exhausting.  Next time I give birth, it had better be at least a month before a major holiday.  I was so tired and sore).

We participated in a Christmas Eve service in which my beautiful boy got to play the part of Jesus - and there were lots of misty eyes, I tell you (I really wish I had a digital copy of the picture!).

We went for our first family shopping trip.

We were surrounded by lots of helpful family and friends.

Sleep was as to be expected with a new baby.

Nursing sucked.

Come back tomorrow to see about January!

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  1. I love this idea - you have one beautiful baby :) Be back to see the rest...

    Love you!
    roz xo


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