Wednesday, December 29

Heavenly Holidays

My sweet St. James got me a new boxing-day sale laptop for my birthday (coming up in a couple weeks).

So, here I am, with a basket full of unfolded laundry and a cluttered dining table personalizing and getting to know the ins and outs of this new machine.

Nice to have my own.  Nice for James not to have to share his anymore.  Win-win, as they say.

And, as I have been blessed with this lovely machine, I feel as though I have a responsibility to use it well.  So, I hereby declare I will write at least once a week.  And by write, I mean write, write.  Like, intentionally and creatively and in a way that challenges me to flex some of my muscles, not just random blather like this.

But, since I'm blathering anyway, I might as well continue.


For 10 DAYS!


And it's darn lovely, that's what.

We even sleep in, both of us at once, 'cause our crazy babe has decided that on days that he rises early, he'll go back to sleep around 7.  I could hardly believe it when we woke up a few days ago at 10:00.  It was like pre-baby bliss.  With the added joy of having a cute kid to cuddle with.

We're not doing much on this stay-cation, but it's been good just to have downtime in our home, and spend some time organizing our home, and some time thinking about what's important, and what the next year will look like, and how we'll make sure it looks like what's important.

I hope you have been able to have some good holiday time too.  If you're thinking about New Year's, and resolutions, here's a link to a great tool from Simple Mom to help you evaluate what's important and shape your goals.

Happy New Year!

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