Friday, December 10

Use Your Words

I've heard myself saying that to Haydon a few times this week.  
We're on the cusp of language.
Before we get there, there is this frustrating time, as his little personality, his STRONG will develops, and he wants..
.but he can't tell me what, or how, or when.  
Frustrating for him, frustrating for me.
And I hear myself say
"Use your words!"

I fee like I, too, am in a place of needing to use words, but not yet having them.

I have come across some incredibly beautiful writing lately. 
Writing that stirs me.  
Word-craft that reminds me just how beautiful carefully placed letters can be.

And I am reminded that I, too, can craft words.
And that this craft makes me feel alive.
And that, maybe, I should be spending more time making my words live.

The problem is - the process of bringing forth life - well, they call that labour.
And - writing - well, it's labourious.

And I'm not so sure this full-time workin', not-much sleepin' mama is ready to use my words.
Maybe not even yet able to use my words.

But, like my son,
 his screwed- up reddened face, wailing in frustration
I think I have things to say.

(for some more thoughts on words, and some stunningly beautiful writing, I'd encourage you to visit
-  a place I have been truly blessed to discover this week!) 

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