Sunday, December 5

...'cept, I kinda still like stuff

If you've been hanging around here the past few days you'll know I've been pondering Christmas, and how to make it meaningful, and how to de-consumerize it.

Here's the thing.

I like stuff.

As a young family on a not-so-huge income, Christmas has always been the default time to get stuff we kinda need, or really want.  Need a new coat?  Christmas is coming...Can't quite rationalize a new gadget?  Wait 'til Christmas...

So, what happens when we de-stuff-ify Christmas?  

I guess it means I learn about contentment, about being thankful for what we already have, about being intentional with our budgetting in the future and buying it if it's something that we need or want enough.


in the meantime...

Can I tell you about some of the beautiful things that would be on my wish list if I were making one?

A compost pot from Richard Fisher pottery.
We bought my mom one of these babies for her 50th birthday in October, and I have been hankering after one ever since.  Our usual green bin under the sink just gets so gross, and I hate having to bend down and open the cupboard every time.  This, this would sit on the counter and look beautiful while holding our organic waste, and would get emptied a bit more frequently.  The lid keeps the smell in and the bugs out, and well, I just really want one.


'k, so, now that I'm sitting down to do this, I can't actually think of much more stuff.

Well.  How refreshing.

And to think - I have a birthday in January! 

live the gospel

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