Thursday, June 17


I read these words today, and they resonated with me in light of my recent comparison hang-up. 

Conversion is going on all the time within us and within the world.  The radical change of Christian conversion is also going on within us at all times.  While the change of turning toward God may seem like a once-in-a-lifetime experience, it is in reality a continual process.  We may think that we have turned fully toward God; then we discover another dimension of God, and we know immediately that more conversion is possible and necessary if we are to move Godward in all of life.
Conversion is a lifelong process of turning more and more fully toward God in all that we are, possess, and do.  There may be earthshaking moments when we are being formed in the image of Christ at incredible speed and in remarkable ways.  But such moments are not the end; there is more to come as we give ourselves to the transforming power of God.
While conversion requires our decision and action, the grace and strength to be changed - to become more than we are - is the gift of God.  Conversion is a partnership project.  We cannot transform ourselves, and God does not transform us against our wishes.  However, once we invite God's transforming presence into our lives, the necessary power to change comes with the transforming presence.
It is wise not to try to dictate what our conversion will be like.  We cannot know what God has in store for us until we begin to live in harmony and companionship with God.  As our understanding of and relationship to God grow, we may begin to see where God is leading us in our conversion.  On the other hand, we may experience surprises throughout our lives as God seeks to shape us.  It is also wise not to assume that our conversion will look like, feel like, or keep pace with any other person's conversion.  Since we are unique and God is infinite, our conversion experiences will be unique as well.  The important thing is inviting God to be the master potter in our lives.  We may not know what the end product will be, but we do know that it will be good when we permit God to be the potter and we agree to be the malleable clay.

- Reuben P. Job, A Guide to Prayer for All Who Seek God, 249-50

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