Friday, June 4

Swimming, swimming in the swimming pool...

I need to start exercising.

I go through these spurts.  If I look back on it, June is usually a good time for me and exercise, and this year is no different.

So, I decided I need to hit the pool at least three times a week.  If I do, I get some sort of mini reward, which is yet to be determined (suggestions are welcome - not food).  If I do that for four weeks, at that point I get a bigger reward, which I've decided will be a lovely mug from a local potter.  My coffee tastes better already.

Anyway, getting to the pool is often a little tricky for me.  Most of this has to do with the fact that I'm lazy and somewhat sleep deprived, so getting up early has little appeal, and I tell myself that sleep is very important for me to be a happy and functional mama.  Then I roll over and hit the snooze.  It also has something to do with the fact that James and I share a car, so I don't have wheels.  And I have a baby, and he doesn't swim on his own, so someone needs to care for him.

But, apparently I actually have a car 3 days a week most weeks, and the Y I have a membership at has child minding for a reasonable price.

So I went.  On Wednesday.  And put my baby boy who I have never left with a stranger into the arms of some young bright-eyed thing who had 3 toddlers to look after as well and trusted that there were more staff that would appear shortly and took off into the changeroom.  I whipped my clothes off as fast as I could and made a bee-line for the pool, 'cause like, I'm paying for child care so I'm not wasting my sweet time.  I hop in, and away I go.

About 3 lengths in, I realize there is something very weird going on in my swimsuit.  There are things bobbing around in there (not those things...)  Then I remember that I breast feed.  And that because I breastfeed I have leaky boobs.  And because I have leaky boobs I wear breast pads.  And because I didn't want milk all over my suit and the clothes I was planning on wearing home from the pool I had slipped my breast pads into my suit, planning on taking them out before I got in the pool.  Apparently in my haste to get in the pool I had overlooked that...

And so I had these sopping wet over-absorbed tennis ball sized breast pads with the absorbent gel gunk leaking out of them bopping around inside my suit as I swam.  And I'm sure I swam at least two lengths on my back before I realized this.  The male lifeguards I'm sure were quite entertained by my ample quadruple bosom.

Oy vey.  Anyway, I took them out, placed them at the end of my lane next to my water bottle, and swam away.

And Haydon did fine.

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  1. Laughed so hard I spit juice at the screen. Thanks for sharing! :)


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