Sunday, June 13

Catchin' of consciousness style

My house is a mess!
And I have little desire to do anything about it. 

We spent the last half of last week at the Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec annual assembly.  I know, sounds like a blast.  It was actually really fun.  We drove down late Wednesday night, and checked into our hotel.  And king-sized beds are awesome and fun.  I may be convinced to actually have Haydon sleep with us all the time if we had one.  Seriously, I couldn't even find James in that sea of comfy duvet when I crawled in.  Anyway.  Assembly. 

There is just something really great about a bunch of people who love God and want to partner in making his kingdom reality gathering together.  Add to that the fact that there is something really great about having 3 days of having my family, including my parents, all in the same place, and you get a pretty good time. 

We left on Saturday afternoon, and drove straight to my parents' house, to see my sister who had been holding down the fort and caring for their geriatric dog.  Then came home, and crawled into bed.  Then crawled out of bed too early to lead worship at church this morning. 

So we haven't been here much.  And it's messy. That we-rushed-out-too-quick-and-didn't-tidy-up-first kind of messy, and that we-just-got-home-and-dropped-piles-of-stuff-everywhere kind of messy,  and I don't want to do anything about it.  But I do want it to be clean.  I also want to read my book so that I have it done for book club on Tuesday.  And I want a babysitter so I can go to book club on Tuesday.

Um, so, about that mess.  The one that I'm avoiding.  I don't know why I do this.  Part of it is about a lack of system and routine, I think.  If there was a place for things, and a system to get them to their places, it probably wouldn't seem like such a big deal to put stuff away. 

But that's just a small part.  Basically...I'm lazy.

In other news, my father-in-law had a heart attack yesterday afternoon.  He's ok, but will spend a couple of days in hospital being monitored and all that jazz.  And it's just a big bummer.  James' parents were supposed to be heading to Ireland and Scotland, leaving next Sunday, and can't go now, which stinks. 

James' parents were also supposed to go pick up a cow this afternoon.

So James is doing that now.

James' Mom grew up on a family farm, and there was a herd of Jersey cows (I love Jersey cows...which I should stop thinking about right now...but those eyes!  So pretty!).  The cousin who owned the herd sold them a few years ago, but gets one or two each year for slaughter.  So as a family we decided we would share a cow.

So James and his brother headed down to Harrow (near Windsor) this afternoon to bring home a cow in the morning.  Which means that I won't find him in my bed again tonight, and not becuase it's so big.  Darn!

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