Wednesday, June 16

Mediocre and Mundane

So, I have a couple of friends who are pretty fabulous people.  They are strong, single women, who have really neat jobs, are involved in really neat and worthwhile causes, take care of themselves really well, and are each incredibly beautiful to boot.  I don't see either one of them very often, but have run into both of them in the past month.

And after I see them, I feel like crap.

Next to their exciting and interesting lives, I feel like I am living the most mediocre and mundane life ever.  I feel like getting married super young was the safe comfortable thing to do and that I am somehow "less" than them.  I feel like I am a messy, unsophisticated crayon drawing next to beautifully crafted watercolours.

I know that this is ridiculous.  I know that my mother-and-wife life can contribute to the world and that I, too, can be rounded and interesting and beautiful.  I know that I shouldn't compare myself with these women and instead should be inspired by them to be my best, which is all they're doing.

But I can't seem to shake it.


  1. i feel like that too sometimes :( jealous of other girls' education and career success. i don't really have much freedom right now, can't just pick up and go or work on my career or start some big project... harder to find time and money for myself to work out and be pretty and have stylish clothes...
    strangely enough, sometimes those girls we wish to trade with also wish they could trade with us. the nice house, great husband, sweet kids... :) we are lucky

  2. I think this should be called the Mama Syndrome. I have experienced it my entire life. I had jobs but they weren't all that fulfilling, so I got married and had children. I think it is society that makes us Moms feel that way. Government seems to encourage working over family. It wasn't like this years ago. Stay at home Mom's were cherished and considered gold! It is the almighty dollar that guides and leads this trend... not God! God knows how important relationships are and how much it is needed to lead and guide our little ones to be the best they can be. Don't buy into this stigma, Rachel... being a Mom is the best job in town and the one that pays the most dividends. Think about who will be leading this country in the near future! It might very well be Haydon, and what ideals and beliefs do you want him to carry with him along the way? You are the main care giver to those ideals and beliefs! You because you spend most of the time with him. Just sayin'.... :)

  3. I've known you for many years Rachel and I have never once thought of you in any other way than beautiful and interesting. Some of us believe it or not are jelous of the type of lifestyle you lead. I have always looked up to you and respected you for all that you are. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL and so is your family. Enjoy it .. every single day of it.

  4. Just look at you and that beautiful boy! Then think on the vital role you play in shaping and influencing him and shaping yourself and your community/world as you do. This is the ultimate multi-tasking! It doesn't always seem efficient,certainly not glamorous, but look at you caring for the environment while you care for him hanging those diapers! ...and think about the impact of sewing reusable sanitary napkins for young women so that they can go to school during their period! ...and remember how the One you follow just walks and talks and touches people with grace and compassion along the way. How influencial is that!! Daughter, you are a delight!


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