Friday, June 4

Speaking of Breastfeeding...

This was on the front page of the Hamilton Spectator today.

 Can you believe it?!

I frequent that McDonald's...

I know you're shocked, I frequent a McDonald's.  I know it's gross.  I just can't help it.  The coffee is good, and it's between me and a couple of my friends' houses, so, when I'm walking and it starts to rain or I am running behind and need breakfast or it just smells like salty deliciousness I stop in.  Which is too often. 

But this isn't about me and McDonald's.  This is about McDonald's employees asking a woman to stop breastfeeding her baby in the play area of the restaurant. 


I think I'll nurse next time I'm there.  In fact, I think I'll invite the mum's that I meet with every week to go and we'll all nurse.


  1. Rachel, I had this posted on Facebook a few days ago. I found it utterly discusting! Can you even imagine what you would say if someone asked you to stop feeding your baby?? I dont know what I would say but I definitly would NOT stop! I will join you for lunch at your McDonalds one day and we will feed our sweet little hungry babies!!

  2. Crazy. I like that it ended up bringing good attention to breastfeeding, including to the staff.

    Also, Hannibal? Really? I mean, I'm all for strange and wonderful names, but uh.. that one is not going to go down well on the playground. Just sayin'.


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