Friday, September 24

The Early Bird Gets the Worm...

...but, I never really liked worms that much.

Ok, ok.  It's a metaphor.  As in, I could have a whole load of laundry completed by 7am if I actually use my time effectively.

But that's not likely.  Instead, I will sit here and listen to the coffee brewing and laugh at the little boy who keeps pulling himself up on my chair and playing with my toes.  Gosh it's hard to be annoyed with that jabbering little blue-eyed blondie.  Reminding myself about silver linings - the reason that I'm so stinkin' tired is because I have a really good job that I was at until 11 and a really great healthy happy anti-sleep baby who was up at 5.  Really.  Life is beautiful.


Ok, but also beautiful.  I just walked past our open window, and the smell of the ripe grapes just wafted in, and man that is a great smell.  Except that it means that I need to do something with those grapes soon.  Other than just sweep up the disgusting mess they make when they fall off the vine.  There's that beautiful/exhausting paradox again.  

Today is my Saturday.  I worked my first full 5-day week.  It was good.  I was really hoping to sleep in though.  But it's my turn.  St. James was up early yesterday morning. 

Being tired really clouds your judgment and rationality.  It brings out the selfish in me.  I need to be careful not to take advantage of that saint that I'm married to, 'cause if I was to say, at 5am, in my whiny tired voice "ughI'msoexhaustedandIworkedlatelastnightandIjustnursedhimanhouragoandIcan'thandlethis!" he would probably get up, despite the fact that he too is exhausted, and had the same amount of sleep as me, and got up early yesterday (while I slept in) and went to school and hosted a deacon's meeting and gave me a back rub when I got home from work. 

So, it's certainly not how I used to start days off.  I'm not sleeping in and rolling over and cuddling with my man.  But I'm pretty convinced it will be a good day.  It will probably include a nap around 8am, when I'd prefer to be getting up.  There will be a walk to Ottawa Street to pick up some care-giver friendly diapers (read - easy to use)I ordered from rediaper, and a wedding present from the fabulous AllSorts Gallery.  There will be a country drive back "home" (This is my favourite time of year to drive through the country!  The dried up corn stalks, the vibrant leaves, the afternoon sun in the fall sky leaving long shadows on the hills...ahhhhhh!).  There will be family, maybe a playdate with friends I've been out of touch with, and a wedding to cap it all off.  That is a whole lot of good things.  I think I'll take pictures to share them with you.

I hope your day is as good as mine.  And that the crappy stuff is balanced by blessings and beauty.

An early morning discovery - standing in front of the large shiny
 thing allows you to make music AND see your reflection!

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