Thursday, September 2

Pretty Peaches!

I'm canning this week.  It's SO fun!

We've done pickles before, and they were delicious.  This year I've tried my hand at peaches and tomato sauce.  

And they're yummy.  And beautiful.  I thought I'd share some pictures of the process.  I've been following Jennifer Jo's recipes from Mama's Minutia, who I discovered after her directions for canning peaches were posted over at Simple Bites.  

We started with some beautiful peaches.

And jars, canner, and tools.  When we bought our house, there was a cold cellar full of jars and canning supplies, which we were able to keep, and I'm so thankful!

Don't you just love my counter and backsplash!?  Can't wait to redo this kitchen...

Then I washed and blanched and peeled the peaches - my favourite part!  And look at how they glisten without their skins.  Mmmm!

Notice the hands of St. James who helped me sterilize the jars!

Then sliced them up, packed them into jars, put them through the hot water bath, and voila!

Peachy goodness for the winter...
Except my six jars (I've already given a few away), won't likely last until November...


  1. Rae, I'm so glad they turned out for you! They look beautiful!

  2. Dude!!!!!!!!!!! I've been itching to can too! Finding the time is a little bit of a challenge with work; also the confidence. But I want to do tomatoes, spaghetti sauce and salsa (and now that I look at your peaches...

    I just need to get at it I guess. My brothers have made jam a bunch in the past, so I've got ample supplies.

    love it!! thanks for sharing


  3. Wow! that's awesome Rachel.. they look so yummy... makes me almost want to try!! (almost being the key word there!)

    :) Sarah


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